Gallery B.I. intends to draw forth the cultural diversity in the field of Korean poster design by actively connecting with overseas poster artists, 

which domestic galleries have not tried. Providing a space for on-line poster shop with introduction of a continuous poster archive management system, 

it and plans to expand it to a designer space where artists from around the world introduce contemporary posters. 

Professor Sun Byoung-il has been leading in promoting Korean poster design at home and abroad through the 170th International Poster campaign activity. 

Gallery B.I., where you can feel professor Sun Byoung-il's passion for posters, is in a pledge to lead cultural development by linking planned exhibitions and

educational programs so that more and more general public can communicate with various images of poster design. It will pay attention to the role of a

cultural platform that serves as an intermediary so that poster designers at home and abroad can communicate with more visitors and a place of

exchange between designers.

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